About Our Client : 

One of our client from big Multinational PET Film Manufacture in Kawasan Industri Modern Cikande - Serang, Banten is looking for Customer Experience Team Manager which the following below :
Position Roles : 
CET managers are responsible for overseeing the movement of goods between one country and another. The company that exports and imports the goods hires such professionals so that there are no problems in the entire goods and money transaction process. The people working at this post need to be fully aware of the process that is followed during export and they need to complete all the paperwork that is mandatory for these processes.
The people working as CET managers need to possess a management degree and they are hired based on the qualification and previous job records. There are various job responsibilities that needs to be fulfilled by a person working at this post and the list of the major ones is given below:
The main responsibility of an CET Manager is to foresee the movement of goods between the home country and other countries. Managers should manage exporting of goods going out of the home country along with the general duties at the office. It is also essential to keep in touch with freight forwarders professionals from logistics companies retailer units and manufacturers. The environment in which an CET manager working is rapidly changing and is very fast paced.
It is essential for the CET Manager to ensure that the employees comply with the rules and regulations of the home country as well as the exporting country. The manager is also responsible for the penalties that may occur if the rules and regulations are violated. Any delays that may occur during the export process should also be controlled by the manager.
It is the responsibility of the CET Manager to monitor the arrangements that the employees make for forwarding the freight at the desired time in a cost-effective way. Any delays in the shipment need to be notified to the customer by the employees in the organization by the CET manager. The CET Manager should check whether there are opportunities for lowering the cost of the freight forwarding and shipment charges. issues related to time zone delays also need to be managed by the CET manager.
Qualification :
  • Be aware of the regulations that the exporter and importer countries follow and also ensure that these regulations have been followed to the tee.
  • They need to ensure all the paperwork mistake proof prepared by CET team.
  • Arrange for shipping that is not only time bound but is also cost effective. This might require the manager to look for alternate routes so that the cost is marginally reduced.
  • Follow production planning to foresee the upcoming dispatch plan.
  • Develop dispatch plan together with P&D department.
  • Monitor production status and ensure timely dispatch considering the previously promised ETDs.
  • Identify delays and accordingly triggers necessary departments.
  • Notify customers on any delays.
  • Provide excellent customer service and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Conduct daily meetings to keep track of production schedules.
  •  Escalate unresolved issues related to CET department to management promptly.

Key skills needed:
  • Self-confident
  • 15 years of  import/export experience (5 years of manager experience must)
  • Having proficient level of English must (speaking fluent)
  • technical skills
  • project management skills
  • organization and efficiency
  • leadership and interpersonal skills
  • problem solving skills
  • IT and numerical skills
  • communication skills
  • team working skills.
What 's on Offer:

Multinational working environment with the brightest minded entrepreneurs
Competitive salary and benefits

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Kawasan Industri Cikande, Serang

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Min 10 tahun (Manajer/Asisten Manajer)

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